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Engraved Votive Candle Luminaries

Easter Collection

Votive Candle Luminaries
 with the Easter Cross design are richly laser engraved. Flowers surrounded the cross with a decorative border. Candle light shines through in the sign of a cross. Beautifies any room where you would use a votive candle. The votive luminary continues to add beauty even without a lit candle by displaying its engraved design. It is 4.25 inches tall and 3.25 inches square. Consists of four removable panels all with the same design.

Below, you will see images that have been created for you. More designs are coming soon.
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Easter Collection Display Samples

Bare wood Votive Luminary read for finishing.Alder wood Votive Luminary finished.

Acrylic Luminaries come in many different colors.Clear acrylic luminaries are available.

When ordering acrylic; please use the colors from the color chart or clear .
When ordering wood; please specify either Alder Wood or Unfinished Wood.

Color chart for ordering colored transparent acrylic luminaries.

Order Colored Acrylic Luminaries


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Order Clear Acrylic or Wood Luminaries


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Enhance and beautify the look of your home.

These luminaries will add beauty to your home wherever they are displayed.

Custom printed gifts are also available.

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