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Lace Locks for Sneakers

Our custom sneaker lace locks make unique accessories for all your footware.  These two color and two layer sneaker accessories will stand out in any crowd.  Many color combinations to choose from, even glow in the dark. 

Lace Lock Specification

  • Made to your custom specifications with your image and text.

  • Most any image and text can be designed to meet your specification. 

  • A wide variety of colors are available.

  • Lace Locks are laser engraved and cut to any shape.

  • Most design sizes are appr. 1.25 inches by .5 inch.

  • Can be cropped around images.

  • Minimum order is 50 pair.


Lace Lock for Sneaker Samples

 Austin Kick Fest Lace Lock.

Brushed Gold Engraved Black


 Glow in the dark with blue grapes engraved.


Blue Grapes Engraved into Glow in the Dark


Girl on glow in the dark.

Girl Engraved Black on Glow in the Dark

 Girl engraved in gold on black surface.

Girl Engrave in Gold on Black Surface


White skull on glossy black surface.

Glossy Black Surface with White Skull and Cross Bones


Lace lock glowing in the dark.


Grape and Medusa Glowing in the Dark


Space ship on LaserGlow.


Space Ship and Stars on LaserGlow


Love Hate lace lock.

 Love Hate Cutout Lace Lock


Medusa LaserGlow lace lock.

 Medusa on Glow Acrylic Lace Lock


Madusa engraved black on gold surface.

Medusa on Brushed Gold Colored Surface Lace Lock


Brushed Silver colored lace lock.


State of Georgia on Brushed Silver Colored Face


Pig with wings lace locks.

Brushed Silver Colored Lace Lock with Pig Wings


Text on lace lock.


Text on Brushed Silver Colored Lace Lock


When Pigs Fly.

When Pigs Fly Lace Lock on Brushed Gold Lace Lock

Design your own Lace Locks.

We can design your OWN personalized lace locks using your images, photographs and text.  Please contact us using the Contact Us button with your request.  We will respond with pricing and establish a dialog for creating the perfect custom sneaker accessories.

Your basic layout, image and text can be emailed to us at:

If you wish to use any images contained in our Graphics Library, or have us locate an image, email us with your intention to the above email address.

Custom printed gifts are also available.

In the carousel below, you will find many printed products with our images from our general category. To see a particular item, click on the carousel image. To see all products in this category, click on the link below the carousel and navigate "Browse this Store/PRODUCT DIRECTORY" to the desired product or just enjoy the images.  To see more of our websites, please visit the Contact Us page for a current webpage listing.

Design personalized gifts at our Zazzle store.

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