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Personalized Vacation Memories 

The gift shop that you spent countless hours setting up is your pride and joy. You worked hard for it and now you expect it to work just as hard for you. We all know that it doesn't come easy, but with a little prodding, you can help it along. When customers enter your door, they are not looking for something that they can buy at home or even buy on the internet.

They are not looking for some small trinket that will probably never make it home. What they want is something, anything which will remind them of the keepsake memories of their vacation. It is really that simple. You can do it for them and they will love you for it.

Surprise your customers with unique practical engraved gifts which will embellish their vacation memories with the local scenes and sayings. The gifts do not have to be expensive to send a thrill rushing through the veins of the most prudent customer. One lady said, "Oh, just look how nice these coasters will look on the coffee table during my next party." The coasters had beautiful beach scenes surrounded by the words "Jones Beach Memories" engraved on them. The customer is taking a part of her vacation back home. At her party, the guests will converse about the coaster pictures and conversations will start about the vacation. Now isn't everyone happy!

What about a gift for that hard working secretary. A man on a business trip in Seattle wants to bring back a little something for the office workers. It has to be a little business like, but decorative and somewhat useful. Of course, it must be able to start a conversation on its own. A small black marble paperweight decorated with an engraved image of the Space Needle and the words "I've been to Seattle" will say just enough.

This is how the trendiest Gift Shops sell themselves and their local area to vacationing customers. It is hard to sell Mickey Mouse in Detroit, but how about a man's jewelry box with an engraving of the Model-T and the words "Henry Ford's Finest." If you don't know what will sell, then sell yourself. Your gift shop may be in a western town known for gun slingers. Offer a shelf or desk display with your "logo" and gift shop name, "Momma's Place," and engrave underneath it the words, "Billy the Kid Slept Here." This is selling you and your local area. If your gift shop bounds the property with an arboretum, choose the ever popular Italian Cashmere Garden Tile plant marker with an image or clipart of a unique plant and the words describing it underneath. They are so beautiful that they may even put it in a display case instead of marking a garden plant.

When it comes to children, the first thing on their mind is that they must buy something; anything is better than leaving the store with empty hands. They may not even know what they are looking for, but they do it earnestly. Something has to catch their eye. I've see more stupid rubber snakes sell than Heinz has pickles! That's how children buy, especially kids on school bus tours. They want something that will make them the king of the hill on the return trip. They want it and you can supply it. A natural history museum gift shop sold dinosaur shaped key chains like it was the last thing on earth. The kids didn't need it, but it looked cool.

In wrapping up, cater to the client. Learn the reasons which brought them to your local area. Incorporate these reasons into gifts suited for the vacationing client and decorate each gift in accordance with the local theme. Inexpensive, but yet elegant decorations can be achieved by laser engraving. It can turn plain wood, marble, glass, ceramic, and even cork into a masterpiece. Engraved products may not be mass produced as cheaply as some other well known trinkets, but it has a distinct richness that can not to be achieved elsewhere and it can be personalized. Personalization of your gifts is what will make your store unique.

The author's website has examples of just such gifts. Take a look at the true beauty of these gifts and let your mind start to wander.

Remi Callens

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Vacation memories engraved on coasters.

 This is a sample photo of a completed Coaster Holder and Cork Coaster reminiscing Liarsville in Skagway, Alaska.