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Engraved Mosaic Tile Displays

Photo Mosaic Tile Displays are laser engraved to make unique custom photo tile mosaics, gifts, garden tile markers, decorative displays or promotional items. You can choose from our collection or submit your photo and we will CUSTOM make it for you. These tiles are designed to be REMOVABLE since they are fastened with the 3M Dual Lock fasteners. An individual tile or the entire mosaic can easily be removed. This makes them invaluable for changing scenes with the holidays while retaining the richness of real ceramic tile. A wide selection of borders are available.


Laser Tile Mosaic Arrangements 

These Laser Tiles can be grouped together in rows and columns to form a Mosaic display of any size from a single picture to an entire mosaic wall.  Frames or borders are available for a variety of sizes.

In addition, Laser Tiles can be used anywhere you would use ceramic tiles and mount with mortar and grout.  Bathrooms, kitchens, stair walls etc.

Tile mosaics can also be mounted with 3Ms Dual Lock fasteners which make them replaceable one tile at a time or the entire image.  This way, sections of a display can be modified such as changing any wording or replacing a border.  The entire mosaic image can be replaced or modified.  Choices are endless.

Sample of Mosaic Tile Displays 

 Mosaic tile displays and frames.

3 x 4 and Single Framed Mosaic Tile Displays


Timber Wolf Mosaic Tile Display.

2 x 2 White Ceramic Mosaic Tile Featuring a Timber Wolf


Statue in Mosaic tile frame.

2 x 2 White Ceramic Mosaic Tile Framed


Frames and Finishes.

Frame Selection for Mosaic Tiles

Design your own Mosaic Tile.

We can design your OWN personalized Mosaic Tile using your images, photographs and text.  Please contact us using the Contact Us button with your request.  We will respond with pricing and establish a dialog for creating the perfect custom art items.

Your basic layout, image and text can be emailed to us at:

If you wish to use any images contained in our Graphics Library, or have us locate an image, email us with your intention to the above email address.

Custom printed gifts are also available.

In the carousel below, you will find many printed products with our images from our general category. To see a particular item, click on the carousel image. To see all products in this category, click on the link below the carousel and navigate "Browse this Store/PRODUCT DIRECTORY" to the desired product or just enjoy the images.

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