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Laser Cut Mylar Stencils

Custom designed, laser cut stencils made of Mylar are perfect for all stenciling applications. Available in regular backed and tacky backed Mylar. We can stencil your logo, drawings, basic images, and text, even script.  Sizes up to 12x24 inches for a one piece stencil. Larger sizes are puzzled together.



The sample pictures below are only a few examples of our stencils.  We specialize in designing stencils from your images, hand drawings or ideas.  We have an extensive graphics library which we use to create new stencils.  Please CONTACT US with your special needs.

 Mylar Stencil Specifications

  • Standard Stencil - 7.5 mil Mylar.  Wall applications and decorative stenciling. 
  • Adhesive backed Stencil - 7.5 mil Mylar.  Adheres securely to the surface. 
  • All stencils are Flexible and Reusable. 
  • Laser cut edges remain smooth. 
  • Other thicknesses available. 
  • We can design using your images and text or suggest graphic images. 


Sample of Mylar Stencils

Damask Floral Swan Stencil.

 Damask Swan Design Stencil


 Stencil of Logo.

 Logo Text Stencil


Designer Wallpaper.

 Wallpaper Design Stencil


Damask stencil design.

Damask Design Stencil on Tacky Back



Cherry Blossoms for fabric or furniture.

Cherry Blossom Design Stencil


Industrial Stencils for sidewalks, pavement, and manhole covers. 


Industrial Manhole Cover Stencil


 Stencil Samples in 4 mil and 7.5 mil for all creative ideas.


Creative Art Stencils


 Stencils can be various sizes using vector images.

Multiple Size Damask Design Stencil



Vary the stencil size using vector images.

Multiple Size Damask Design Stencil


Rabbit stencil design.

Rabbit Negative Design Stencil


Wheat and Mountain stencil.

Wheat and Mountain Design Stencil


Custom Made Stencils for all purposes.

Mylar Stencils for all your stenciling needs.  Custom Designed to your specifications.  No job to large or small.

Design your own Stencil.

We can design your OWN personalized stencils using your images, photographs and text.  Please contact us using the Contact Us button with your request.  We will respond with pricing and establish a dialog for creating the perfect custom mylar stencil.

Your basic layout, image and text can be emailed to us at:

If you wish to use any images contained in our Graphics Library, or have us locate an image, email us with your intention to the above email address.

Custom printed gifts are also available.

In the carousel below, you will find many printed products with our images from our general category. To see a particular item, click on the carousel image. To see all products in this category, click on the link below the carousel and navigate "Browse this Store/PRODUCT DIRECTORY" to the desired product or just enjoy the images.

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