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Gardening Can Be Tough, Make it Worth It

You're walking down the street; you glance over and see this gorgeous garden. The walkway leading to the garden is clear and uncluttered just inviting you to take a look. From where you stand, you see rows of green vegetables intermixed with herbs and flowers. While viewing the lush ground full of fresh, weed free compost, your mind starts to wander. Can I walk over and take a closer look? Would the owners mind if I stroll over and get ideas for my own garden? The pathway is so inviting, but their afraid to trespass.

This scenario happens more often than you would think and it can happen in your garden too. You spent a lot of time making your garden a spectacular showpiece and, of course, you want people to enjoy the fruits of your labor, but no one comes to visit. An occasional visitor may stroll through and stop by a particular specimen and think to themselves, "I wonder what this is?" I want one of those for my garden. Then there is the visitor who may even stop at your front door and ask, "may I stroll through your garden" and of course you say, "I'd like to show it to you." I find that I spend too much time and hard work too have one or two visitors per week.

What can you do about it? It's really very simple. Just following a few friendly suggestions can make your garden an exhibition that would leave most professionals in awe. Here's what to do. Do what the professionals do.

First of all, let the visitors know that they are welcome by putting up a decorative little sign that says "Welcome." That is all that is needed to let the visitor know that they are allowed to browse and will not be chased off by dogs. The sign should be small and complement the garden. Second, make sure the path is clear, clean and free of any debris. You don't want your new friend stepping on a rake. This next step is one that is used by professionals, but it will beautify your garden and give your visitor the information that they need to know. Here it is; place row markers at the start of each row and plant markers at the foot of selected plants. My personal favorite is the Italian Cashmere Garden Marker which displays a drawing of the plant, the bonitanical name, and the common name. A picture of these markers can be found at the authors website. The picture will show you the beauty that a Garden Marker will add to your garden while appeasing your visitors with the much needed information.

Italian gardening plant markers are square ceramic 3.75 x 3.75. Earth tone in color. Long lasting - weather resistant. Words, designs and logo's may be placed on front surface. Design your own or use our pictures. Designs are permanently laser engraved under the glaze. Beautify your herb or vegetable garden by marking each row.

Remi Callens


Tile gardening plant markers.

This is a sample photo of a completed tile gardening plant marker. 

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