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Bethlehem Holy Land Olive Wood Religious Gift Ideas

Religious gifts have a way or touching a loved ones heart in a way that no other gift can replicate. The big question is just how you go about choosing a gift. The persons' religious background and upbringing is of the utmost importance. The wrong gift could actually cause more harm than good. If you know the persons religious beliefs, then you are at a good starting point. Most religions relate back to the life of Christ and for all practical purposes can be a basis for determining your gift idea. When in doubt, don't try to second guess; instead, look into more generic forms such as perhaps angels, cherubs, or even a pretty picture with a well thought out saying.

In this article, I am going to concentrate on religious gift ideas based on the life of Christ and the biblical aspirations it brings forth. Using the bible as a basis, you find that there are numerous subjects covering happiness, sadness, suffering and pain, hope and charity, and so many more. Almost any occasion that you can think of has religious connotations. You can formulate your ideas from scenes of the birth of Jesus all the way to his death on the cross. You can also go back much further to the stories from the Old Testament. A large majority of the population can relate their personal everyday decisions on the stories from the bible and we can use this relationship when searching for gift giving ideas.

A good place to start is by observing what other people have done in their own homes. Upon entering a friend's home, you may see a crucifix hanging above the door frame or a picture of the last supper picture hanging in the dining area. Bedroom night stands and dressers may have religious articles on them. Even take a look at what people wear. Jewelry in the form of a cross may be seen worn as a necklace. A religious scene may be on a pin or pendant. Very popular today are religious scenes, sayings and clipart worn as tattoos. Could you help someone decide on a scene? Take a look in their garden; you are likely to see statues of angels or saints strategically placed along the walkways giving a feeling of warmth, peace and tranquility. The list goes on and on, but the most important idea is to observe.

My favorite religious gift ideas come from items made of genuine Bethlehem olive wood imported from the Holy Land. This olive wood comes from Bethlehem, Jerusalem and Nazareth, the area in which Christ had lived and preached the word of God to the people. The wood is never harvested by killing live trees, which is almost unheard of today. It is only taken from branches cut for pruning maintenance or from trees that died due to old age or disease. Some of the wood may even be hundreds or thousands of years old. Suppliers of the olive wood certify in writing that the wood is from the Holy Land and that it was cut only from dead or dying limbs. What a wonderful idea to know the origin of the gift and the story behind it.

Craftsmen use this olive wood to create all types of religious items. It could be something as simple as a cross with a leather strap for hanging around your neck to an elaborate hand carved statue for your bedroom dresser. These craftsmen never stop generating new ideas. Some of the hand carved items can be quite expensive. Others are laser engraved and cut to form exotic shapes with very detailed images. Some people wish to personalize the gifts with their own selected images and sayings adding a special personalized touch to the gift. It is unlikely that you will find hand carved or engraved gifts in your local gift shop which can be personalized, but you can easily find them on the internet by searching for "engraved olive wood religious items." This type of religious gift is becoming more popular everyday.

In wrapping it up, get to know the gift recipients' background, unless the gift is for yourself. Choose a gift with a background story. Not only will you be giving a gift, but you will be giving a story that keeps on telling.

The author's website has examples of just such gifts. Take a look at the true beauty of these gifts and let your mind start to wander.

Remi Callens

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 Angel pendant engraved on Bethlehem Holy Land Olive Wood.

This is a sample photo of a completed pendant using Bethlehem Olive Wood. 

Bethlehem olive wood can be used in most of the wood gifts that we make.  The images we use can be your image or one of ours.